Important announcement for Top Nine 2022. 

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Top Nine for InstagramBest of 2022.

Create your collage with your Top Nine Instagram moments of 2022 and share using #TopNine.

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The automatic generation will be available very soon. In the meantime you can still create your collage manually with our templates!

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"Because if it's not on your Top Nine grid, did it really happen?" - Refinery 29

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This will also clarify that is the original Top Nine creator. Watch out for clones!

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Top Nine Grids Generated

What started as a simple tool for Instagram, grew into the biggest Instagram trend of every year, regardless of the pandemic.

More than 1,000,000 posts with #TopNine.

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Behind Top Nine

We launched the Top Nine app 5 years ago, starting a huge trend where millions of users shared their #TopNine post.

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Important privacy and security warning when using Top Nine

Top Nine became a huge trend, making it attractive for malicious actors exploiting the trend by creating Top Nine clones.

  • Never share your Instagram password.
  • Make sure you are on Instagram.
  • Learn who the developer behind it is.
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You can now choose from dozens of static and animated video templates.

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How can I get my Top Nine with the best nine Instagram posts of 2022?

You can generate your Top Nine collage for 2022 using or the Top Nine apps! Just enter your Instagram username, email (to be notified when it’s ready), tap "Get my Top Nine" and boom! You’ll receive your Top Nine in your email box right away.

What is Top Nine?

Top Nine is both an app, and an Instagram trend. The Top Nine app is a tool that we created to help you generate a collage featuring your Top Nine Instagram photos of the year. The app went viral and grew into a trend where every year millions of Instagram users, influencers, and celebrities share their Best Nine Instagram moments of the year using the Top Nine app.

Who built Top Nine?

The Top Nine trend was created by Beta Labs, a team of engineers, marketers, and designers building awesome tools and apps for social media. You can learn more about who is behind Top Nine on our About Us page.

Are my Top Nine Instagram posts the same as my most liked Instagram photos?

Your Top Nine Instagram posts selected by the Top Nine app are not only the most-liked Instagram photos. We believe that your Top Nine Instagram posts should represent your best 9 moments of 2022, and those are not just selected based on the number of likes they have. There's a very complex algorithm in place to select these. In fact, that’s what makes Top Nine unique :)

How does the Top Nine algorithm work?

The algorithm selects your Top Nine Instagram posts based on a number of factors: number of likes, comments, among others. You can read more about how the Top Nine algorithm works following this link..

Is Top Nine secure?

Top Nine is developed and maintained by a team with years of experience building tools and apps used by millions of users. Your data and Instagram account are safe, and we never gain access to your Instagram password because the authentication process happens on itself. You can read more about security and privacy using Top Nine following this link.

Do I have to login to Instagram?

In certain cases, like when your account is private, we may ask you to sign in to Instagram to provide us with read-only access to see your Instagram posts. This sign up process happens on, meaning we don't have access to perform any other action than "reading" your Instagram posts. We don't have access to any settings, messages, or any other part of your Instagram account.

Why do I have to enter my email address?

User privacy is super important to us. We never use your email address other than to make sure you get the best out of Top Nine. Top Nine is used by millions during December, which can cause some service delays. This means you may have to wait a few seconds for your Top Nine to be generated. However, entering your email enables us to deliver it to your inbox as soon as it's ready, so you don't have to wait on the app. Receiving this notification is just one use case, but most importantly, your email is our way to provide support to your account, in case you run into any issues. You can read about how we use your email and more about how we handle your data on our Privacy Policy.

Is Top Nine the same as "Best Nine", and is it secure?

Apps named "Best Nine for Instagram" are not provided by us. Many clones that claim to be Top Nine or similar services are currently available on the App Store. We receive messages from people explaining that they used our app when they've actually used an app called Best Nine or a Top Nine clone.

We understand this confusion as Top and Best are used as synonyms in many articles, but the name of our app is "Top Nine", and it's only available on,, and our official mobile apps linked from our official websites. If you use a different Top Nine app, the selection of the 9 photos will be different, and more importantly, we can only ensure the security of your account if you use our app.

What makes Top Nine different from other clones?

Top Nine is the original app that started the Top Nine Instagram trend, and the one trusted by millions of Instagram users, influencers, and celebrities. That’s the reason why every year it gets to the #1 spot of the App Store in most countries, including United States . Also, the Top Nine algorithm, together with our commitment to data privacy and security , is what makes us be trusted by each of those millions of users. This enables us to continue building more creative ways to re-live and share those best moments of your year in new formats, building new tools for creators year after year.

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Used by celebrities and influencers, even by Kylie Jenner since 2018! Sharing your #TopNine has become the best way to rediscover your best nine Instagram moments from 2022.

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